Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My fish sleeps

My fish sleeps. He actually sleeps every night in the same position, next to Sponge Bob bubble blower, in between the side and the plastic plant.
Dyson II (named after house-mates boyfriend's old fish, he used to "Hoover" the food up, our Dyson has also inherited this) is smart one, I think this proves that the three second memory is false, how else would Dyson II remember to go to bed? He obviously knows that the next day will be a busy one and he needs his 8 hours beauty sleep.
Yup he's a clever fish, Mark gets up and feeds him before he goes to work, then an hour later I get up, go downstairs and feed the fish, cheeky boy doesn't tell me he's already eaten an hour before, and gobbles up as if he never been fed!
What a smart yet cheeky fish. Either way he's the longest surviving fish I've had and love him for that, I won't disturb him when he does sleep, he doesn't disturb me so all is right in the world.

1 comment:

  1. He is one clever fish indeed! He needs his sleep so he can swim all day! :)