Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A night of Roald Dahl

Last night I went off to Hammersmith Lyric Theatre to watch an adaptation Roald Dahls Twisted Tails
I had been a massive fan of his work proudly announcing that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of my most favourite books as a child, but little did I know about his world of short stories for the older audience.
Nostalgic memories came flooding back to me when I realised it had been a while since I had been in a theatre and the excitement grew as Michelle and me were directed where to go. Stalls in middle- well done James for picking us seats, this theatre was beautiful, as the two smaller ladies took their places in the seats in front I heard Michelle give a little cheer that "fat heads" weren't going to get in the way of this performance. Then just as we were getting into our chat about Michelle's dog and his back legs not working the big clock that had always been present on stage began ticking
Not knowing what to expect I found the whole show enjoyable and a suspence building ride. The actors portrayed believable roles as I was shocked at the final bow to find there were only 6 of them in the whole production! The use of props was very clever as were the costumes that helped bring Roald Dahl's work to life.
When watching plays I always sometimes think what if the actors lose their lines and how well can they cover this up? well now due to technology, plays can now be captioned, meaning on the left of the stage is a box that is similar to the ones you find inside bus stops telling you when your next bus will arrive. This reads all the actors lines and even words to songs along with the play, great for people with hearing difficulties and great if you didn't quite understand their accents!
It was a pleasur
eable experience and am looking forward to my next theatre trip.

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