Thursday, 10 March 2011

I spy with my fat eye...

all pictures taken with Blackberry Torch

Hello everyone,
Here are a few pics I have taken in the month of February/March using my mobile.
Thought i'd give it a go as people always take pics when they go travelling, I am just travelling around UK :)

1. Mark's little brother Alex was in his College production of West Side Story. He played leader of the Sharks Bernardo. pretty impressive for a college performance!
2. This horse was following us when we went for a drive around New Forest. It's so nice to get out of London once in a while
3. My friend gave me some sticker letters. It made my day
4. Bouncy balls in Butlers on Upper Street. I love them all
5. TAPAS! yummm! Caroline and I ate this at Cuba Libre, Upper Street, North London. they also do some mean cocktails!
6 reminds me of the tree from Lion King. But was actually taken in New Forest :)
7. Valentines meal- dinosaur and wine
8. aww this is Thali, she likes to sit in bowls evidentley!
9. Mark's new neice Zoe- Beth Misha. She is the youngest person I ever met at 5 days old x

Show me your travel photos!


  1. Liking the piccies! How did u arrsnge them all like that? Xxx

  2. The tapas look PHENOMENAL! The picture alone made my mouth water.