Saturday, 19 March 2011

Just keep running...

I woke up this morning and it's a beautiful day. Mark is off to get measured for his best mates wedding and I was up and ready for a run!
I hadn't gone for a run for about 4 months and in that time it felt like I had gained a million stone, also now I'm running in new territory which is very exciting, except I'm on my own! So off I go with my music pumping and warm up lunges done. I was ready to face the world. It felt good!... So good I lost where I was! All the roads look so similar. Ah wish I had GPS or satellite arrows in the sky telling me where to go! In the end I headed in the direction of the huge Emirates building as it's the easiest and most signposted thing I could find. Then I realized more and more people seemed to be heading in the same direction - coach loads of people... But I keep running...i spot many people all wearing the same t-shirts lining up bottles of water, then in the distance I see it- a finishing line! Fully blown up and ready to be run through! So I went for it! I started running a little faster whilst the organizers carried on setting up. Then I crossed the finishing line. Yay me! One guy started applauding and I ran off giggling :)
Although i was in my own little world whilst jogging it felt good. I'm hoping to do Race for Life this year and crossing a real finishing line with a purpose!

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  1. Well done on your run hun.
    I wish I had the motivation to do it.