Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dear America

Dear California
Thanks for sharing the last couple of weeks with me. You have let me
in and explore your fascinating people and colourful landscapes

Dear Barnes and Noble and Borders,
running around your stores made me appreciate them more since they no
longer exist in UK. I loved my new Bloggers notebook that I lost 5
days later

Dear Santa Monica and Venice beach
Thanks for introducing Bryan to us and him being a real LA boy
showing us the back roots, especially the part where we thought we had
discovered aliens in Venice canals but they ended up being Sea Snails.
Amongst the beautiful houses and the random photoshoots Alee had made
us pose for on bridges, I would love to live here one day.
Also, after viewing where the birth of skating took place, I want my
kid to be like the lil guy with the broken arm skating with crowds of
people watching in awe.

Dear Memorial weekend,
I was touched by the memorial you had put on next to Santa Monica
Pier, I could feel the emotion in the air. Thanks for not letting me
blow off the edge of the pier whilst the guy played Bob Dylan on his

Dear Griffith Observatory,
I loved how you have to pass through the tunnel where Marissa Cooper
passed away and made me think of the OC all over again Thanks for the
beautiful scenery of Hollywood at night and the 15 minutes to get all
the way around the museum and learn about our planet. I would like to
visit you again someday and work out how that big ball in the middle
actually moves.

Dear food of LA
Thanks for letting me try the "best tacos in LA" at Cactus cafe and
the "best Cheesecake in Hollywood" at Grand Lux Cafe
I never got to try the "best hot dogs" at Pinks but sure they are amazing
considering the line, but I did try your Corn Dogs and Pretzels shaped
like Mickey Mouse

Dear Disneyland
You are my happy place. Always have been and always will be. I tried
to play your "hidden Mickey" game, alas couldn't find any.
Sorry to Mickey Mouse- I got a bit star struck when I met him and
didn't get to say what I wanted but luckily Alee was on hand to tell
you that Thanks for Having us!
Thanks for soaking us completely on Splash Mountain and making me buy
a souvenir hoody to keep me warm. This ended up being the clothing of
choice to take with me on the rest of the vacation

Dear Ryan,
you're grown up now driving us around San Diego, I like how you have
introduced us into the world of Planking, although I feel that Mark
has set the bar on his picture :P I had fun with you and Alee and Mark
in Rohr park blowing bubbles and drawing. Its not something we usually
do when we come visit you in California. I like how it didn't involve

Dear Uncle Putoy and Auntie Yolly's swimming pool,
you made Mark and me feel so relaxed laid out there, I did not
however,not so much enjoy the path full of snails to get there, but
having random rabbits hopping about cheered me up. I'm not too sure
having access to two pools in different locations was so good as we
had Alee crying "where are my Brits" for 45 minutes trying to locate us.

Dear Shamu,
Thanks for inviting us for breakfast. Its one of the best meal experiences I have
had in my life, I didn't know whether to eat my bacon,or watch you, or
order my drink or take a million photos. It was such an experience and
will never forget it. Thanks also for introducing me to your dolphin
friends and giving them a rub on the nose. We brought with us my
nephew Matthew- he's 4 years old and watches you everyday on Shamu-cam
on your website. he loved how you always came near him when he was
watching you whilst eating his breakfast. He wants to be a Shamu trainer when he is older

Dear La Jolla Beach,
it was great staying over in your hotel whilst we celebrated Caylyn's
birthday. It wasn't so great when the Kayak hit Ryan in and sliced his
ear that we ended up going to hospital for him to get stitched up. You
also managed to scare me so much when the dolphins swam next to us in
our kayak and I thought it was a shark, you sneaky beach La Jolla.

Dear USS Middway Navy Ship
Thanks for letting us on board and having Uncle Putoy show us where he
used to work. I could tell by his face that he really enjoyed having
his family there. The whole day was so much fun and even all the
adults looked like they were laughing a lot jumping about in the sand.

Dear all the new friends I have made
you all rock! I love the vibe and personality you all have and the
positive attitude you guys give out in your American ways. love how
you all want to imitate the British accent :)

Dear Tim Burton,
thanks for sharing your artwork at LACMA. You have a lot of influence
on me in your art work and could stare at the Edward Scissorhands for
longer than I was. Every single drawing and painting that was on show
enlightened my fingers and eyes and made me want to get back into

Dear family,
I can't describe how much i love and appreciate all of you, making me
feel so welcome every time I am over there and spoiling us rotten, I love meeting
all the new additions too. It saddens me that I can't see you everyday.
Alee- #meeh.

Dear America,
I will be back again soon :)

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