Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I wouldn't say I was an "obsessive" person...just a girl who goes through phases.. This year alone there has been the Yoyo, the Nintendo DS, the Card Playing, the puppy, the I want a pet in general, the tamagotchi, the story-writing, the hats (this one is on-going) the making videos, the learn a new language and the want for long hair phase.. Not that I would consider myself a materialistic person either, I just go through phases.
Phases that seem to not settle unless they are fulfilled.
Unfortunately for my amazing boyfriend Mark, he has had to live through all these with me. Unfortunately for me, he is exactly the same with his phases (hence his new beautiful Digital SLR and many mountains of books.) So combined, you can imagine the amount of random presents and places we have encounted to fulfill our phases. But hey, I can't remember the last time we were bored!
My newest phase this month is cameras.
I have the urge to photograph everything at the moment. I want to be able to tell stories through my photos. I want people to see what I see in the same colours that I do. I want you to get a vibe from one picture which has captured that exact moment in time and enhanced it a million times over. I want you to become intrigued by the picture. Not too much to ask really? I'm on my second digital camera (the first is a whole other story) and have my dads old school SLR and my favourite toy the Diana Camera.
This one excited me soo much, the idea of them is that the Diana camera is a simple, low-quality plastic-bodied box camera. It takes sixteen 4 × 4 cm pictures on 120 film and gives a beautiful vintage soft glow to your pictures. What they failed to tell me was "Dianas are said to have a 50 % chance of light leaks & other photographic problems." 3 films down, I have nothing to show :( now I am on a search for the perfect camera.

These pics were taken using my Sony Cybershot Digital camera.
I was told its not that camera that tells the story its the context. but still...a cool camera does help!

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