Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Are you lookin at me?

It's 07:25am on the District line. An old man opposite
me is seriously staring at me, not the first thing I wished
to encounter on my morning travels. Do I still have
toothpaste round my mouth?(wouldn't be the first time)
does my face amuse him? remind him of some
kind of animal? Does he not agree with my dress sense?
Maybe my scarfupsets him?.. Either way his face is
not amused, possibly slightly disgusted!
I always find myself in these awkward situations. Maybe I
should be like Will Ferrel's character in
Stranger Than Fiction when he does a tally chart.
Find out if my life is a comedy or a freak show!
Oh has getting off the train now.
Bye bye special staring man! Mind yourself there,
don't forgetyour bag, it looks heavy! Or your big red
hat with the blue bobble and green ribbon.
Good job I was watching you too hey!

He gets off the train quickly catching my staring eye at his still
un-amused face :)

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