Tuesday, 12 April 2011

5 things that made today special

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Been feeling pretty poorly recently, so thought I would write 5 things that made me happy today

1. Whiskers the cat (thats not his name, but I don't know his real name so I have named him that) has returned!.. every morning he used to be at our neighbours window and I would say good morning, but for two weeks he didn't show up...and I feared the worst :( ...until now.. he's back!!
I will draw a picture of him soon, seriously-this cat is full of character! plus now i'm convinced he's had his hair cut

2. the sun is shining and I got a seat on the bus straight away- probably to do with it being Easter holidays and no kids, means I get to sit and read all the blogs on Google reader.

3. Booked my holiday to see my family in California!! cannot wait and already thinking of how much I can pack into my suitcase!

4. Mark surprised me and bought me a little book on Japanese recipes :D

5. last but not least- you took time out of your lives to read my lil list of things that made me happy x

hope you had a good day too!


  1. aw, cute post, you should share pics of your random lost and found cat



  2. JApanese food is MY FAVE!!!!! What's the book called? I would be interested!
    I love cali! Only been once but could easily live anywhere there!

  3. haha this is awesome, changes your day when you look back at the little things and are thankful. have a great day :)

    Lydz xX

  4. Yay for kitties and Japanese recipe books. What are you going to make first?

  5. Aww, cheer up! These are GREAT things to be happy about! xoxo

  6. Nice post and hope you feelin better, I do now! :) Thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog! Love k

  7. The Japanese recipe book is called "Womens Weekly- Japanese Favourites" all the recipes look delicious! definitely going to try out the Tempura Udon one day!!

    Thanks for the lovely messages guys! u rock x

  8. Oh, I hope you're feeling better now! ;) This is a good idea (to think about positive things that happened to you). And it's so nice to hear the kitty came back! >*.*< I hope someone is feeding it :/. I LOVE cats!

    Have a nice day!