Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weddings and Ukuleles

At the weekend my amazing boyfriend Mark had the honour of being Best man to John in his wedding to Kathy-Ann

a few reasons what made this wedding so special

*They used bubbles instead of confetti. I forgot how beautiful and fun bubbles are

*Mark sang his best man speech with the help of a Ukulele

*Kathy made her Bride dress and also her bridesmaids!

*The sun was shining and everything ran smoothly- there was even a dog there - Miss Boo

* a lady was wondering around in a bright yellow boiler suit

* there were as many sausage rolls as you wanted.

* I spoke to a few older couples who told me they are still in love after 40+ years together

* the DJ had a friend who fell asleep on the chair all night

*disposable camera fun

*Kathy changed into white wellies so she could dance :)

I love weddings! who's next??!

1 comment:

  1. That sounds adorable!
    I love the bubbles and using a uke!