Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I love my life in london, but every once in a while I get the need to escape and go breathe in some sea air or forest mist, and this calling came two weekends ago.
I have a close g
roup of university friends and a couple of themlive in good ol Bristol, that city is full of creative talent and quirky people.
Everytime we visit I find myself more and more wanting to pull out my pens and start
drawing or make something. Especially as Dave showed us his very amazing studio where he works as a freelance story board artist. It's such a good idea if you are freelance to surround yourself with such talent like others-keeps the ideas bouncing and plus you're constantly inspired by what's around you.. As soon as we stepped into the studio my face was in awe at
everyone's personality coming out through their art work.

Next was a visit to a simple yet stunning little vegetarian restaurant called Kino. I had the root vegetable pie- twas delicious! In the evening we ended up at the club Firestation where randomly another old uni mate seemed to have a gig. Of he wasn't my friend I would still love their
music as much as I did. Could not stop dancing plus they had a bonfire in the middle of the outside part to keep us warm.

The next day we went to Wales! To a place called Abergavenny where we drove up to a huge oak tree forest. It was beautiful being surrounded by friends and trees. Such a rare treat and a perfect reason to the camera(s) out! had so much fun. The weather was pefect and even stroked some horses on the way back down!
I love weekends where I get taken out of my London life. Can't wait
for my next one..
let me know if there are any places that you know which are great for
weekend getaways!

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  1. What a beautiful weekend with wonderful friends :D A sanity-trip to Bristol is always a good idea x