Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I've had a very fun packed 10 days off work recently. In this time I have:

+ discovered 3 parks near my house (yay for having a bike in London!)
+ watched a Royal Wedding and became completely besotted
+ made a Victoria Sponge Cake ...and also some fairy cakes.. and soup
+ celebrated a birthday with BBQ
+ gave someone a bouncy ball (it was meant to be given in March!)
+ took numerous photographs
+ said hello to the fishes and sharks and turtles at London Aquarium
+found a new favourite place in London - Church Street (this will have its on blog entry soon!)
+ discovered Museum of London and checked out their photography gallery.
+ made bunting
+hung out with the best friends in the world
+ broke a jug
+found a better jug

All these can be justified with photos- but for now, here's a doodle I done today.
it's that feeling of being back at work and your head just not quite managing it just yet...

anyone else get that?


  1. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) the journal us Frankie and can be found here http://www.frankie.com.au/ thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. I love the doodle, I am all too familiar with that feeling!

  3. It sounds like an awesome and eventful ten days!

    Love your illustration, wish I could draw as well as you. :)

    The Cat Hag