Wednesday, 18 May 2011


hello everyone,
I made a friend at the London Aquarium
I don't know his name -or if it even is a "he", but he was sure happy to see me.
Nigel (I've literally just named him that!) came eagerly up to me - which I'm gonna be honest, scared the crap outta me... I thought he was gonna show me his veracious teeth, but instead he put on this beauty of a smile for my camera
I think he wanted to come home with Mark and me, pretty sure my fish Dyson would not appreciate this.
so for now I will let the Aquarium look after him :)

ps, something strange is going on with my account- I have lost a post, and some of you might have randomly seen a picture of a dog and man on a bench.....hmmmm


  1. HEY ABI!!! :D you really need to stop flirting with creatures of the sea...before you know it you'll be standing next to a seahorse in a tux saying I're not in the tux, the seahorse'll be in a but you will be saying I both will.....hopefully...sorry I didnt make this very clear did I, lemme start again.....You'll be getting married to a seahorse....wait what!? YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED TO A SEAHORSE!?? WHEN!?? HOW!?? WHERE'S MY INVITE!! OMG ABI WHAT DOES MARK HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS!?? I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU YOUNG LADY!! would it be inappropriate to just wear my wet suit??....I've got a matching bow tie??

  2. Hi Abi, thanks for your comment on my blog, to answer your question IFB is a network for fashion bloggers, it is a great network and there are some useful articles on there too. There is a button on my blog the says 'Independent Fashion Bloggers' if you click on it it will take you to the site :)