Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lost In Transit

Holiday has finally arrived!!!

Today we are flying from London to Boston to LA. Started the journey at 8am this morning and should arrive in LA at 2.15am Sunday.(UK time) Due to time differences it's now 10:18pm UK time and we haven't seen any night skies yet- this is going to feel like the longest day in the world.

So far, so good, (touch wood) no major hiccups.
Entertainment on board was the new Karate Kid which I surprisingly enjoyed (still not sure it beats the original) and watched Gulliver's Travels- which is definitely not Jack Blacks finest- I fell asleep!

So right now i am currently waiting at Boston airport pretending i'm a PlaneSpotter and marking their landings out of ten-you should try it, more fun than you think :)

So to capture this transit moment i took a picture of the view I can see right now- if you look carefully you can see that a piece of luggage left in the middle of the ground! Oopsy daisy!

I shall be updating regularly throughout my time here in California so check back to see how I'm getting on :)


  1. ohhhh yay - can't wait for updates! xxxx

  2. have fun in california! i'm heading out west to san francisco in less than a month! can't wait :)

    ahhh that poor piece of luggage. i'm always a bit paranoid that, that will happen to my stuff. lost luggage is a major pain.

  3. wow have the best fun!

    Helen, X