Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Are we RECording?

So who here loves Joseph Gordon Levitt?

how many people know he has an AWESOME production company online? I found this out recently and am completely obsessed.
Basically the way it works is if you have ever had an idea and want help to develop it then this is where you can turn to,
There is a video on his website here which will explain it a billion times better than me

anyways, Joseph and the HitRECord team came to London and did a film screening at the BFI. This was more inspirational than imagined and I was itching to collaborate.

There is a section called Tiny Stories which are stories that are only a couple of sentences long (which I think is the key to what makes them magical)
A selection of stories are getting put together shortly to be published into a book named :Tiny Stories Volume 1

I had to have a go at this, so I put pen to paper and came up with a Tiny Story called Fireflies.
At first, it had no hits, but waking up the morning after to find over 1000 people had viewed it and artwork had been drawn and even a song to go with the artwork had been made I was overly ecstatic!
and then one day, I was on the good ol' Twitter and it had been featured there with this link!!

Can't believe it all happened, I would so love the story to be selected to the book, it gives little creative people like me to actually see their work be made into something.
The whole idea behind HitRECord is so awesome!!! and I am now a new fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt. He rocks.

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  1. Congrats. This website sounds brill. Will definatly take a look.