Monday, 15 August 2011

5 things...

That I wanted to share..

1. new love for pistachio nuts and boiled eggs. (not together) but eating them has kind of caveman ways of peeling the eggs and opening the nuts

2. Mustaches on fingers

3. Rise of the Planet of The Apes. - go watch it. just for the circus orangutang.

4. Finding new places to go on Time Out website like this Mad Hatter Tea Party!.. (I can't actually go, but would love it if someone does and take pictures and show me? thanks)

5. My new DSLR Nikon D70!'s not actually new- i'm in the 3rd hand owner..but I still love it!!
I shall update the pictures, but for now here's us with our mustaches :)

what are your 5 things?


  1. congratulations on new cam!
    5 things:
    1. BIG green mug - started drinking from bigger mugs
    2. Chicken soup - nearly every day
    3. Clear mascara - good replacement of regular mascara for summer^^
    4. Tiny pixel pictures of cupcakes and cakes and cats
    5. White lacy mittens - just a nice accessorie