Sunday, 7 August 2011


The other day, I got a package sent to work.
I was ecstatic!... who isn't when they receive a package through post..even if you had been something you were expecting.... in this case, I wasn't expecting anything, so you will understand my ecstaticness :)

anyways, it was from a good friend of mine Rousha, who I used to work with

it was such a cute little note book, and she had stuck a post-it note to the front..

she is a very, very talented lady who I had collaborated with in the past,
she wanted me to draw inside the note book... so i did

and then ended up creating one of the characters from my drawings


it's meant to be an owl, but it looks like monster
I crochet'd his body and then used material and felt and buttons to make his face.

let me know what you think!

Abi x


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! and Hi! I'm your new blog stalker :D Keep it up! How's everything over at London?

  2. that's a really awesome gift you got :)

  3. I love her. It looks like a her with them long lashes and cute lips. Ur very talented.

  4. It looks adorable, I love little home made gifts like that :) xx

  5. I love the owl you made! So so cute! And that is a great idea to collaborate with another artist like you have done with the notebook!

  6. He's a lovely little monster!

  7. Hey Jo! everything in London is all good now, it was scary at the time- couldn't believe it was all happening, London has so many police men walking around so feel safe now

    thanks for the lovely comments guys x x

  8. Thanks for your comment!
    I bought the tree at a flea market...

  9. The owl is just too cute!! Still very jealous of your doodle skills x

  10. so talented lady! love the monster owl! :p too cute